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BREWSKI Beer Fridays

Fridays just got even better: we're bringing Beer Fridays to you! This is one Friday you won't want to play hooky. Simply nominate your office/company and you'll be entered to be in our monthly BREWSKI Beer Friday drawing. The beers (or technically shandies) are on us!

You may be asking yourself, "What is Beer Friday?". Well, it all started long, long ago, in a distant land before the internet and even electricity... Maybe? Maybe not, but basically we're giving you permission to start the weekend early (it's okay, we'll take the blame) while you let loose and enjoy the delicious taste of our BREWSKI Shandy with your fellow employees and hopefully your boss too! Get to know your coworkers better, do some "team-building", and have fun! You, of all people, deserve it.


This office BREWSKI party will surely be the talk of the water cooler! Nominate your team here and be our first BREWSKI Beer Friday winners!

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