50% beer.

50% SKI soda.

Sip away the day with the perfect blend of crisp Kölsch style ale and the sweet and tangy taste of our celebrated SKI Citrus Soda.


The result? A refreshing citrus shandy that is sure to leave your taste buds tingling.

12 fl. oz.

3.5% ABV

10 IBU

Water Skiing

Brewed from

the water.

Gradient (10).png

We love the water. Don’t you? Rivers, oceans, ponds, creeks, and especially lakes have held a place in our heart from the very beginning. After all our celebrated SKI Citrus Soda earned its name after a former employee, Dot Myers, spent a weekend-long ski trip on the Chickamauga Lake in 1956. She submitted the name for the company’s contest to name the new orange, lemon soda. Turns out, everyone shared her love for the water pastime as well, and the rest is history.

Enter beer. We love that too, just like you. It only made sense that we would eventually ask ourselves how we could combine our passion for SKI and the beautiful yeasty beverage. There were a few hiccups along the way, but we finally figured it out. The result is a refreshing shandy, equal parts SKI soda and Kölsch style ale: a match made in the kettle.