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Classic Pilsner

A new, darker flavor to entice your taste buds,

as the cooler weather sticks around.

Think a BREWSKI shandy is just for sunshine, lake days, and pool parties? Think again. Although we can’t stop the changing of the seasons, we can give you the perfect shandy to welcome in the crisp fall weather.


Get ready to dig out your favorite flannel from the back of your closet and gather some wood because this treat will leave you wanting to host that backyard bonfire you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll leave the party planning to you, but just one piece of advice: make sure you have enough BREWSKI to go around!


12 fl. oz.

3.5% ABV

10 IBU

Tasting Notes: Enjoy the subtle sweetness of Kölsch style ale paired with Blood Orange SKI, our original recipe infused with the fruit flavors that echo notes of tart cherry, raspberry, and tangy grapefruit. It’s time ditch that pumpkin spice latte.

(Not all locations will carry this limited time flavor. Check with your vendor first!)

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