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Crafting the Perfect Brew

Every beer has a story. For us, that story's been more of a journey.

In 2019, we test-marketed a traditional lineup of beers in select markets. We learned a lot about beer-making through that process. We also learned that what we thought our fans wanted was not what they actually wanted. We heard you say you wanted a beer that includes the SKI Citrus Soda flavors you've enjoyed for years. Luckily, we're the kind of folks who pivot easily, and that's exactly what we did. We tried a lot of SKI + beer combinations.....30/70, 40/60, 50/50. We landed on a crisp kölsch-style ale -- light enough to let the SKI flavor shine -- combined with our beloved SKI soda. 50% SKI + 50% beer. The result-- an amazing product that will leave you wanting more.

We hope you enjoy our new brew. You were instrumental in creating it.

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