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Classic Pilsner

This isn't
your childhood lemonade stand.

This is not your childhood lemonade stand. For one: it’s strawberry lemonade; we don’t do Plain-Jane here. And two: it’s alcoholic! I mean, hey, we thought it was a good idea and judging by the smile on your face right now, you do too. The taste of ripe strawberries and fresh lemonade are here to accompany you to the beach, pool, river, lake, or just at the table with granny, but don’t blame us when she wants a can too. You’re never too old to enjoy a BREWSKI.

12 fl. oz.

3.5% ABV

10 IBU

Tasting Notes: Those childhood memories are just a sip away with the addition of juicy strawberries and  sour lemons  to our original crisp Kölsch style ale and SKI Citrus Soda recipe. Look out, this shandy finishes with a smile.

BREWSKI_Strawberry Lemonade_12oz Mockup_
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