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Classic Pilsner
BREWSKI_Tropical_12oz Mockup_2.png

Your staycation awaits.

You thought it couldn’t get any better, right? But here we are again with a flavor combination sure to send your taste buds somewhere sunny and tropical; this can is your ticket, trip, AND destination. Let the sweet, tart mango start a luau on your tongue as it mingles with Kölsch style ale and your favorite SKI Citrus Soda. Don’t believe us? Crack open this can and let us show you. We’re just saying, when life gives you lemons... and oranges... and mangos... you make shandy.

12 fl. oz.

3.5% ABV

10 IBU

Tasting Notes: Soak in the tropical, tangy notes that mango brings to the already delicious blend of Kölsch style ale and SKI Citrus Soda that you have come to love. Go ahead, kick off those shoes and take a sip.

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