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BREWSKI University: Shandy 101

By now, you have hopefully tasted and enjoyed the refreshing brew that is our BREWSKI Citrus Shandy. When we reformulated our beer, we felt that creating a shandy would give our consumers exactly what they wanted —- a perfect balance of beer and our legendary SKI Citrus Soda. Although our BREWSKI Citrus Shandy was only created this year, shandies have been delighting drinkers all over the world for years with their easy “sipability” and thirst-quenching taste.

What Is a Shandy?

The term “shandy” was first coined all the way back in 1842 and is derived from the English word “shandygaff”. (Try slinging that term around at a bar today!)

Today, we now associate a shandy as a beer and citrus mixture, but it was originally a beer combined with a non-alcoholic ginger beer. Shandies now are created with all sorts of ratios and mixtures from lemonades and grapefruit and even Arnold Palmers, but we found a match made in the kettle when we combined 50% of our SKI Citrus Soda with 50% Kölsch style ale.

Don’t believe in the power of shandies quite yet? Take it from famed author Charles Dickens who said, “No honest man drinks anything but shandygaff,” in 1860. Though we thoroughly enjoy his many written works, this quote is by far our favorite!

Here at BREWSKI, we are excited to have continued the legacy of the shandy by adding our celebrated lemon-orange SKI soda to the tradition and can’t wait for you to see (and taste) what delicious shandy concoctions we come up with next!

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