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Meet Our New Shandy

The rumors are true, a new BREWSKI flavor has skied in and is here for a limited time only! Meet our new Blood Orange Shandy, a new, darker flavor perfect for welcoming in the changing of the seasons. Get ready to entice your taste buds this Spring with the subtle sweetness of Kölsch Style Ale paired with our Blood Orange SKI Citrus Soda.

The 411 on BREWSKI Blood Orange

When reformulating BREWSKI for our Original Citrus Shandy, we started off with the intention of releasing with three flavors as we did with the first run of BREWSKI Beers: a classic pilsner, APA, and an infused ale. A great idea one could say, but diving into a new alcoholic category was a journey in itself. Instead, we used our newfound knowledge and focused on creating the one quality flagship shandy our fans deserved.

But now the hard part is over! BREWSKI is about fun, unique experiences and we always knew that we wanted to extend the product line with original limited time flavors. What better direction than the fan favorite SKI flavor that has been brought back year after year? Without question, our Blood Orange SKI was the perfect way to go for our first LTO. Not sure what to expect with BREWSKI Blood Orange? Well, its the same 50% Kölsch Style Ale, 50% SKI Citrus Soda combo you know and love plus our natural blood orange flavor that echos notes of tart cherry, raspberry, and tangy grapefruit.

Back to the drawing board... AKA , the computer screen.

Because who doesn't love to see the creative process behind new products. Each new flavor deserves its own unique style, but those designs have to start somewhere. Color palettes are sampled and new skiers are tested. Some ideas stay, others are a stashed for later use, and mistakes are caught (peak the missing "B"...). Eventually the creative process is narrowed down and details like the skier's pose is decided using real vintage photos as reference!

Eventually, the skier, color palette, and copy are finalized and it all comes together to what we find embodies the new flavor, BREWSKI Blood Orange: a darker flavor for those still chilly nights.


Our BREWSKI Blood Orange Shandy is out for a limited time and is currently available in Chattanooga, TN and will hit select markets in Spring 2022! Use our store locator to find BREWSKI near you. We'd love it if you'd tag us at @brewskibeers and show us how you're enjoying our new limited time flavor. Cheers!

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