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Kolsch Style Ale: 1/2 of the Match Made in the Kettle

If you haven’t heard yet, our BREWSKI Shandy really is a match made in the kettle. Like every good match, both parts must contribute something special or in this case, tasty. The soda was an obvious choice as our SKI Citrus Soda has been delighting fans since 1956. Finding a style of beer to best compliment our lemon orange soda was a little tougher though.

With the help of our fantastic brew team, some members of our team got to taste test to find that perfect brew. (Poor them, right?!) Ultimately, and with the advice of our brewers, we decided that a Kolsch style ale was the perfect match for our SKI Citrus Soda. So exactly what is a Kolsch style ale? Kolsch is a style of beer first brewed in Cologne, Germany. Kolsch is fermented with warm temperatures like an ale then fermented in cold temperatures like a lager. Talk about the best of both worlds! The result of this unique process is a crisp, light, and drinkable beer. There also happens to be a bit of muted fruitiness which effortlessly compliments the real lemon and orange from our SKI! Now if we haven’t convinced you on how kool of a beer that Kolsch is, go sample it for yourself in our BREWSKI Shandy! We know you’ll enjoy!

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